Brisbane cycling groups, health workers and road safety officials are to hold a summit on cycle safety.

It follows the death of 22-year-old student Rebekka Meyer on Annerley Road, Brisbane last week with claims it’s a dangerous area.

Damian Staveley reports.


The summit will be held next month with cycling groups, politicians and others sharing ideas to make the streets safer.

Bicycle Queensland says while 99% of motorists are great, the fact remains cyclists are vulnerable road users.

Ben Wilson, CEO Bicycle Queensland: “To be honest we need to have talk and discussion so a summit is always an opportunity for people to speak.”

Annerley Road in Brisbane’s South is a notorious black spot labelled Queensland’s most dangerous by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Councillor Helen Abrahams’ electorate encompasses the deadly strip.

She says people want to see results.

Cr Helen Abrahams, Gabba Ward: “We have to recognise where the on-road cycle numbers are in high numbers and the black spots of death and make sure we take action at those locations.”

A spokesperson from the RACQ says separate cycling infrastructure is the ideal solution.

Lauren Ritchie, RACQ Spokesperson: “Look there are lots of different alternatives that the government can be looking at. Obviously where we can separate cyclists from motor vehicles is a good thing but that’s not always the case here in Brisbane.”

And everyone agrees that more needs to be done.

There are now two memorials within a one kilometre stretch of Annerley Road serving as a solemn reminder to motorists to share the streets.

Damian Staveley, QUT News.