Brisbane’s Islamic community is trying to dispel any fears and concerns about Muslim life following the tightening of security in the wake of recent arrests.

It has opened some mosques to the public so everyone can understand more about their beliefs.

Gaby Boland reports.


Shocked, scared and angry reactions are reverberating throughout the community after recent terror investigations of local Muslims.

Ali Kadri, Islamic Community Spokesperson: “I want them to come to the centre of Islam, which is a mosque, the centre of learning which is a mosque, and come and learn and listen from the horse’s mouth.”

Hundreds of local Muslims congregate here up to five times a day.

But what really goes on inside a mosque?

The Holland Park Mosque is the second oldest religious site in Brisbane and the only Australian mosque which has not closed its doors in 105 years.

Members of the Muslim community say they are preaching love, peace and harmony about being good people and living a good life.

Yasmin Kahn, Muslim Community spokesperson: “Come on in and have a look, and we’re not really as bad as what the media may be portraying us as. And it might just open some eyes up and say oh I’ve never met a Muslim before. It’s facing the way that you pray, so that if you didn’t know which way was the prayer area; you can see the pattern on the carpet.”

Visiting non-Muslims say there’s nothing to be afraid of inside.

Vox 1: “I’ve been in it, it’s nice, it’s peaceful, most people will say hello to you when you meet them walking.”

Mr Kadri says he hopes that opening the mosques will achieve a spirit of unity.

Gaby Boland, QUT News.