Phone junkies are celebrating the release of Apple’s iphone 6 and 6 Plus.

It went on sale at stores around Australia with the traditional animated welcome as the doors opened to hundreds of customers.

Kate Darvall reports.


The countdown was on this morning ready for Apple to release its long awaited latest iPhone.

Two very determined German backpackers were the first to get the iPhone 6 this morning.

They’d been camped outside the Brisbane CBD store for over a week.

Apple fans were over the moon as they walked out with their new phones.

VOX 1: “The brand new shiny iPhone 6.”

The launch also drew attention from bystanders on the street, however many didn’t understand the hype.

Brendon Idema, Relationship Executive: “It’s pretty crazy. I mean I just work across the road and then everyone sort of obviously queued up and that but I guess it’s pretty hilarious I guess. I don’t sort of understand the desperation for the iPhone 6, or whatever it is at the moment.”

The new iPhone promises faster processors, an improved camera, and a bigger screen.

But does size really matter?

VOX 2: “Course yeah yeah.”

VOX 3: “Yes I think so.”

Some iPhone faithfuls reportedly came all the way from China with speculation the 6 may not be released there until next year.

It’s been a long wait for the new iPhone 6, and all the hype that goes with it.

However many of the people here appear more exhausted than excited.

Some analysts predict Apple will see almost 10 million of the phones sold this weekend alone.

Kate Darvall, QUT News.