Federal treasurer Joe Hockey met with his state and territory counterparts in Cairns today at the start of the G20 meetings.

He is also leading discussions this weekend involving finance ministers from around the globe.

Lauren Penny reports.


Much of today’s discussion was taken up with domestic issues and how Australia is performing.

Treasurer Joe Hockey told state and territories ministers they must all work together to achieve their aims.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “Essentially from an economic perspective I’m very, very optimistic about Australia and where we’re going.”

But G20 leaders generally meet to consider international finance issues and that will begin to dominate meetings now.

Global infrastructure investment is high on the agenda in a push to raise global growth.

Mr Hockey is hopeful that within days the G20 will show they’re close to reaching their goal of lifting global growth by a further two per cent.

He said he’s positive about what can be achieved, but cautioned that a lot of work remains to be done and Australia has a role to play.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “There’s lots of cross currents in the world’s economy and we’ve all got a collective obligation to make sure that Australia meets some of those challenges head on and beats them.”

An extra 800 police officers are patrolling Cairns for the G20.

They have additional powers under the G20 Safety and Security Act within an area from the airport to the central city.

Lauren Penny, QUT News.