Authorities are calling for calm in the wake of Australia’s largest counter-terrorism operation.

Two men are now facing charges one accused of conspiracy to commit an act of terror.

Police around the country are implementing unprecedented security measures.

Nick Kelly reports.


These are the first signs of operation hammerhead.

Two hundred and twenty police are involved in the beefed up security plan in Sydney alone.

Commissioner Andrew Scipione, NSW Police: “That will be an ongoing, very visible, most engaging patrol engagement that will continue to run until we feel it’s not necessary any longer.”

Despite acknowledging the imminent threat of terror, the Prime Minister is asking people to remain calm.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “The best way for people to respond to the threat of terror is to go about your normal lives.”

But it won’t be business as usual at federal parliament.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “The Australian Federal Police will be in charge of not just the external security of parliament house but the internal security as well.”

The PM has confirmed parliament has been identified in terrorist chatter as a possible target.

Here in Brisbane investigations are continuing after yesterday’s counter terrorism raids at three suburban locations.

The city remains on high alert with a visible increase in security at parliament house and other key government buildings.

Despite the raids no new charges have been laid.

Nevertheless Queensland authorities are calling on the public to be alert.

Commissioner Ian Stewart, Qld Police: “What I’ve done is put the entire police force on a higher level of alert.”

And Premier Campbell Newman is urging the community not to become divided.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “This is a great challenge for all of us but we must work together at this time.”

The Security Industry Association in Australia believes it is hard to predict any terror attack.

Brian de Caires, CEO Australian Security Industry Association: “We should take precautions to prevent things that might occur, that are likely, and be aware of things that we can’t predict or can’t control.”

Despite the extra security presence which will increase again around the G20, Queenslanders are asked to go about their work as normal.

Nick Kelly, QUT News.