Day: September 19, 2014

Abbott confirms Parliament House risk

Authorities are calling for calm in the wake of Australia’s largest counter-terrorism operation. Two men are now facing charges one accused of conspiracy to commit an act of terror. Police around the country are implementing unprecedented security measures. Nick Kelly

G20: Finance ministers meet in Cairns

Federal treasurer Joe Hockey met with his state and territory counterparts in Cairns today at the start of the G20 meetings. He is also leading discussions this weekend involving finance ministers from around the globe. Lauren Penny reports.

Mosques open doors to Islam

Brisbane’s Islamic community is trying to dispel any fears and concerns about Muslim life following the tightening of security in the wake of recent arrests. It has opened some mosques to the public so everyone can understand more about their

Summit to be held on cycle safety

Brisbane cycling groups, health workers and road safety officials are to hold a summit on cycle safety. It follows the death of 22-year-old student Rebekka Meyer on Annerley Road, Brisbane last week with claims it’s a dangerous area. Damian Staveley

Leaders experience life with disability

Local community leaders have taken to the streets of Brisbane in wheelchairs for a first-hand experience of life with a disability. And some participants were surprised with just how inaccessible Brisbane is. Alex Trezise reports.

Massive queues for iPhone 6

Phone junkies are celebrating the release of Apple’s iphone 6 and 6 Plus. It went on sale at stores around Australia with the traditional animated welcome as the doors opened to hundreds of customers. Kate Darvall reports.

Fans fired up for footy finals

It’s a big weekend for football fans with the start of the final elimination rounds in both the NRL and the AFL. Loyal fans, including Cowboys supporters, are preparing to back their teams tonight, in what promise to be some

What’s on this weekend

Georgia Terry takes a look at what families can do to keep busy over the coming weekend.