Beenleigh is getting a makeover, into a place of cultural exchange and activity.

The Logan City Council says the ambitious project is also great news for jobs.

Kate Darvall reports.


Today marks the beginning of 12 months of construction that will see the heart of Beenleigh transformed into a vibrant community hub.

Logan City Mayor says the project is an exciting revitalisation and creates a platform for future growth.

Pam Parker, Logan City Mayor: “Logan’s focus is promoting Logan like there’s no tomorrow. Creating investment and creating jobs for today’s generations and future generations.”

The Federal Member for Forde says it will create enormous job opportunities for young people in the community, and will create tremendous business opportunities for local businesses.

Bert van Manen, Federal Member for Forde: “Over a thousand jobs will be created in due course as a result of this redevelopment project.”

Mr Manen says several hundred jobs will be created in the construction phase alone.

The project will bring with it a range of social benefits including improved safety and cohesion throughout the community.

Logan City Council has allocated almost one million dollars towards the upgrade of safety cameras in the area.

Mayor Parker says she’s looking forward to enhancing the area for the immediate and wider community.

Kate Darvall, QUT News.