Techno junkies are already camping outside the Apple store in Brisbane’s CBD to get their hands on the new iPhone 6.

The iPhone is due for worldwide release on Friday.

Jessica Bell reports.


German backpackers Moritz Gadow and Kimberley Lewerentz have been camping for a week outside the Apple store in Brisbane’s Queen Street.

They’ll be among the first in the world to secure Apple’s latest iPhone this Friday.

Mr Gadow says members of the public have been curious about their unconventional campsite.

Moritz Gadow, iPhone fan: “There are also other people who just shaking their heads and just saying no that’s just crazy.”

He’s determined to secure the latest edition, but is missing his creature comforts.

Moritz Gadow, iPhone fan: “I think sleeping not in a bed is the hardest part of it.”

Ms Lewerentz is another Apple fanatic.

Kimberly Lewerentz, iPhone fan: “I’m really excited to hold it in my hands.”

The new model has the biggest screen display in Apple’s history at almost 14cm.

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has defined the global smartphone market.

The iPhone 6 is designed to compete with the latest Samsung edition, the Galaxy S4.

Experts say Apple is trying to compete in a large-screen market dominated by Samsung which has displays up to 16cm.

Dr Dian Tjondronegoro, QUT technology expert: “It’s going to be very interesting because iPhone has never played catch up before, I will be honest they were the ones that always said they wanted to be different.”

Despite the upgrade, experts say the market will continue to be divided.

Apple says pre-orders are double those of the iPhone 5 two years ago.

Jessica Bell, QUT News.