The pre-G20 security crackdown is widening.

Government and public facilities considered high-risk terror targets, are already being closed off to the public.

And authorities say, expect more shutdowns ahead of the global summit.

Whitney Angell reports.


Commuters are finding train station bins across Brisbane, bolted shut.

VOX 1: “People will be throwing garbage all over the place now, that’s not good. They should just have security looking out for terrorists; I don’t think they need to close the bins.”

But authorities say terrorists could use bins to hide explosives.

Qld Rail spokesperson: “This is the first time we’ve implemented this change and it’s in line with the Federal Government visiting the alert level.”

Australia’s last major terror attack was the Sydney Hilton bombings in 1978, where a bomb was planted in a rubbish bin on a busy city street.”

Parliament House is now essentially shut to the public.

There are extra security officers there too.

And the beefed-up safety measures could soon extend to other city landmarks.

City Hall today assured ratepayers it’s working with authorities to implement the necessary measures.

But, the Brisbane Community Action Network says the emphasis on security is scaremongering.

Robin Taubenfeld, Spokesperson: “I see from speaking with people in the community that there is an element of fear associated with anything around G20.”

Instead, they say the government should be promoting positive ideas.

Whitney Angell, QUT News.