Gold Coast City Council has rejected a proposal to build a mosque at Currumbin.

Residents who opposed the building, cheered as the results were revealed.

Dominica Czaczka reports.


When the Councillors’ vote was read out – five in favour of the mosque to 10 against – locals made their feelings clear.

Council stressed their decision was based on town planning considerations.

Including, concerns over parking space, hours of operation, noise level and the impact on residents living close to the proposed site.

Steve Bowman, Local resident: β€œIt’s been a very turbulent time for us because we didn’t know what was going to happen.”

The Residents’ Committee says the result vindicates their stand.

Tracey Thompson, Currumbin Residents’ Committee: β€œI’m over the moon, I’m ecstatic. All the hard work that the Committee has put in over the last couple months and the community of Currumbin have put in has seen a result in their favour today.”

Some Councillors are concerned that the matter could end up in court, but the Mayor warned that Council would continue the fight.

The number of objections to the proposal was greater than the Gold Coast’s Muslim population.

Dominica Czaczka, QUT News.