The Brisbane Festival has reached its halfway mark, but there’s plenty of fresh new entertainment still to come.

One of them is a musical called Point and Shoot, part of a collaboration with QUT.

Isabella Vecchio reports.


Set in the year 2042, Point and Shoot showcases the challenges associated with the film industry’s revival.

Singing: “He’s absolute perfection, so certain and so sweet. I find myself unable to believe my luck or eyes.”

Its story was inspired by Perth’s Holland Street Productions, and is playing in QUT’s La Boite theatre until Saturday.

Robert Woods, Musical Director and Performer: “Brisbane Festival contacted us looking for works to bring over and thought we might be a good fit.”

At the Brisbane Festival’s heart, South Bank is hosting a number of creative attractions.

The Brisbane Airport Light Garden has returned this year.

At night a bamboo forest illuminates the sky above South Bank.

And one of this year’s icons is the inflatable maze Exxopolis.

John Owens, Architects of Air Exhibition Manager: “The structure is fully accessible for wheelchairs and what we do is encourage family groups or anyone. The youngest I’ve had is 26 hours old, the oldest was 102.”

Exxopolis is a captivating maze of open air domes and pathways.

At such a busy time of the year, Exxopolis allows its visitors to lose themselves in a world of light and colour.

Isabella Vecchio, QUT News.