Twelve people will face court next month, charged over a violent clash after an Ipswich Rugby League grand final.

The brawl erupted just outside the football ground after police attempted to arrest a spectator.

Nick Kelly reports.


A day at a football match between Ipswich Bothers and North’s Tigers descended into chaos in a normally quiet suburban street.

An arrest for disorderly conduct sparked a melee involving around 100 spectators and dozens of police.

One officer was allegedly punched and fell to the ground face first.

Police called for urgent reinforcements.

Local resident Scott Owen watched the events unfold.

Scott Owen, Local resident: “I got home from doing the shopping, tried to get in my driveway, six cars out the front and yeah, there was just chaos.”

As the crowd swelled, freelance Cameraman Terry Royan was on the scene.

Terry Royan, Cameraman: “Melee of people from everywhere, the whole street was just littered, like cockroaches coming out of a gutter.”

It all happened when police were securing a 23 year old man inside a police van.

In the end 50 police used capsicum spray in a bid to disperse the crowd.

“It was while trying to make an arrest that the 28-year-old Senior Constable was set upon by the man and knocked unconscious.

Insp Keith McDonald, Qld Police: “The Senior Constable was very lucky. Watch him fall and the way he has fallen onto the ground, he has probably missed the concrete gutter by six inches. It is extremely fortunate he didn’t fall on concrete.”

The officer was taken to Saint Andrews Hospital for treatment and later released.

Twelve people will face Ipswich magistrates court on October 16th.

Nick Kelly, QUT News.