Month: July 2014

Exploring the South Pacific

Six QUT journalism students embarked on a 17 day trip through New Caledonia, Vanuatu and New Zealand this June to discover more about the South Pacific. They encountered a rich diversity of Pacific cultures as well as some familiar Aussie

An Aussie taking the Pacific coffee industry by storm

By Harriet Harvey Coffee has been grown on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, since 1860 and although coffee is not particularly popular among local people in Vanuatu, Tanna Coffee is taking the market by storm.

Profile: Pacific journalist interested in social justice

By Jane Mahoney Ben Bohane’s career wrap sheet is a resumé with nary a dull moment – a career memory spanning more than 20 years across many parts of a troubled globe. The renowned photojournalist, who now lives in Vanuatu, continues

Melanesian Spearhead Group wants action on New Caledonia, de-nuclearisation and climate change

By Harriet Harvey The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) wants joint action within the Pacific region, on three key issues: independence for New Caledonia, reviving the de-nuclearisation debate, and pressing for international action on climate change.

Kava: A tradition, a business, and a problem

By Danielle Veivers Traditionally, Kava, the aniseed-tasting drink that some people say looks like thin muddy water,  was used for ceremonial purposes in Vanuatu, but changing times have given it a new role. It’s a sedative drink made from the

Celebrating Culture: Vanuatu Cultural Centre creating pride in the community

By Harriet Harvey Edgar Hinge works at the national cultural centre as a tour guide and he believes it is a great step in protecting and teaching Vanuatu’s history. “There was a very big demand to build a cultural centre

The future of news in Vanuatu

By Danielle Veivers Increasing internet and social media use is forcing newspapers in Vanuatu to consider the future of communication. The tradition of “coconut radio” in the villages, the mysterious and rapid transmission of news by word-of-mouth-and-thought, is taking up new

Vanuatu’s optimism about media and freedom in fourth decade of independence

By Jaleesa Simpson and Emma Clarke Media workers in Vanuatu say they are upsetting the usual story of a small developing country, by getting more freedom of information, not less – though it has never been easy. With over 80

Good cops’ challenge: Keeping the peace in Port Vila

By Emma Clarke Hidden behind the cruise liner docks, the paper flower leis and abundance of bars, Vanuatu’s Port Vila has a shadow under its sun. Outside on the streets, masses of mostly-Australian tourists mingle with locals in a potentially

Cruising to paradise: big ships to transform the Pacific holiday business

By Danielle Veivers The great boom around the world in ocean cruises has definitely not left out the South Pacific, where cruising has been part of the travel scene for several decades. In New Caledonia, industry leaders are focused on