Students protesting changes to higher education in the Budget, last night ambushed Education Minister Christopher Pyne.

The demonstration became violent, when riot police were deployed to disperse the angry mob.

Saskia Edwards reports.


Protesters had to wait 45 minutes for the arrival of the Minister.

But that wasn’t going to stop them.

Students: “Liberals are not welcome here.”

Mr Pyne was attending a debating event at Sydney University with Senators George Brandis and Mitch Fifield.

Protesters: “Your bosses, money for your bosses.”

Police clashed with students trying to storm the building.

The Education Minsiter left through the back door and was rushed out in a government car.

Christopher Pyne, Education Minister: “Those students seem to be happy to slam the door behind them and say ‘We don’t want any more students to get the chance to come to our uni’.”

The nationwide student protests also targeted the Prime Minister.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “I’ve had a couple of easy weeks.”

And Opposition Leader Shorten didn’t get off without a beating from the public either.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “You’ve got form on truth and honest as well mate. So which do we believe? The wicked witch of the west or the wicked witch of the east?”

In the same studio of that wink.

Caller: “Every single thing that comes out of your mouth is extremely negative.”

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “If you call that negative I call it standing up for Australia against Tony Abbott’s extremely unfair collection of broken promises.”

Protesters say politicians should expect more opposition vowing this won’t be the last of their demonstrations.

Saskia Edwards, QUT News.