Maverick Government MP, Chris Davis quit the Parliament this afternoon.

He says recent laws go against his values and those of his electorate.

The State Opposition says it’s a vote of no-confidence in Premier Newman’s leadership.

Danny Saba reports.


The member for Stafford dropped his latest bombshell early this afternoon.

After weeks of dissension with the LNP, Dr Chris Davis resigned his seat.

He put this message on his website.

“The passage of recent government legislation affecting critical aspects of our democracy goes contrary to my value system and that of the majority of my electorate.”

Most recently Dr Davis had spoken out publicly against an electoral reform bill, which includes compulsory identification checks at polling booths and means any donations under $12,400 to political parties don’t have to be declared.

Dr Chris Davis, member for Stafford, Parliament last night: “Absolute trust in government is essential to the prosperity and wellbeing of all Queenslanders, and we should not be undertaking anything that might, without public benefit, risk that trust.”

He left the House, before the vote was taken.

The Bill passed.

The member for Stafford was recently sacked as Assistant Health Minister after another challenge to LNP policies.

Ian Walker, Science Minister: “Dr Davis has done the things that he’s thought right within his own conscience, within his own mind.”

This afternoon, the Together Union said the decision shows the Newman Government is using standover tactics.

Alex Scott, Together Secretary: “They will leave no stone unturned in their attempt to silence dissent rather than listening to the Queensland community, listening to their own backbench and listening to people who are experts in the field in relation to what is good for Queensland rather than what is good for their own political benefit.”

The resignation means that the Premier will now have to consider holding a by-election for the seat Stafford.

Dr Davis could not be contacted for comment this afternoon.

Danny Saba, QUT News.