Queensland Police say they’re ready for anything the G20 summit can throw at them.

And they put their words into action today during a capability demonstration at Oxley.

Justin Brosnan reports.


Their preparations have included crowd control, bomb disposal, SWAT assault and motorcade protocol.

Some 4,600 police officers have undergone specialised training.

Asst. Comm. Katarina Carroll, Program Executive G20: “We have demonstrated some of our capability here. You’ve seen our public safety response team, emergency response team, crowd management, dignitary protection and the motorcades.”

The Police Minister is adamant the QPS will be up to the task of ensuring a safe and successful summit.

Jack Dempsey, Police Minister: “Now obviously as you have seen today, the police resources are able to meet any capacity or threat.”

The demonstrations took place at the QPS academy with media crews looking on.

The QPS took the opportunity to showcase their responses to various security threats which may arise during the G20 Summit.

The Assistant Commissioner says the specialised training will have positive impacts stretching beyond G20.

Asst. Comm. Katarina Carroll, Program Executive G20: “So it’s not only for G20. It’s for the future of the QPS. It’s always important to train and test our capabilities.”

Justin Brosnan, QUT News.