More than 300 boat exhibitors from around the world are showcasing their very best.

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show opens today.

Jacinta Lal reports.


Little boats, big boats, jet skis and cars.

The boat show has something for all enthusiasts and budgets.

You can even take-on a world record-breaker.

Andrew Abrahams completed the five thousand kilometer Atlantic Challenge solo in January.

Andrew Abrahams, World record-breaking rower: “I saw whales, dolphins, I had a marlin follow the boat at one stage. I even saw in the middle Atlantic a thousand miles from land, I saw a butterfly come past and I thought, where did that come from.”

Staging the show at this time of the year makes it a perfect time perspective for boaties.

It’s an opportunity for them to decide what they might purchase in time for summer.

And the price range sits well with some customers.

Vox 1: “Yeah some of the prices are good. Shop around and you get a good price particularly at the show you get a good price going.”

Vox 2: “Yes sounds pretty reasonable for a boat.”

But others thought the prices were a bit steep.

Vox 3: “Not the greatest, a bit expensive compared to the, compared to overseas and places like that, bit expensive here.”

Alongside the boats there’s plenty of other entertainment, presentations, demonstrations and of course food.

The show runs until Sunday.

Jacinta Lal, QUT News.