The Prime Minister has admitted it’s possible the cost of going to university could rise under the deregulation of fees.

He made the admission today after thousands of students took to the streets to protest against his first budget.

Jim Malo reports.


The chant rang out across the country yesterday as students protested against the proposed cuts to education funding and deregulation of the sector.

Today the Prime Minister said what the protesters were thinking.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “I have no doubt some universities will put their fees up.”

But he says fees may fall in some cases and scholarships would remain a viable option for students.

The Opposition says it will push many people out of Australian Universities.

Penny Wong, Labor Senator: “This budget hits low and middle income Australia, It is a vicious assault on middle Australia, a vicious assault on the vulnerable in Australia.”

But despite the budget backlash Mr Abbott says his position’s safe.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “I expect so, I think the Australian people are sick of governments which change their leaders mid term.”

Jim Malo, QUT News.