The Brisbane River has the second highest number of drownings in Australia.

A new report reveals an alarming number of water incidents, over the past ten years.

Lauren Cooney reports.


The Brisbane River might appear calm today, but the stillness hides its true dangers.

The Royal Life Saving Society says the flat appearance lulls people into a false sense of security.

Their ten year analysis reveals just under 800 people have drowned in Australian creeks and rivers.

Michael Darben, Royal Life Saving Society Queensland: “Research has shown us that there is an issue, once we evaluate those areas we need to talk about education campaigns and how we can best get the information out to people.”

The Brisbane River has the second highest figure in Australia, after 33 recorded accounts of drowning.

The Murray River was the worst with 43 deaths.

Statistics show alcohol was a factor in 37% of all drowning deaths.

Royal Life Saving Australia says people need to stop taking risks that could have tragic outcomes.

Michael Darben, Royal Life Saving Society Queensland: “It’s important that we get that message out that when we’re in or around the water, alcohol shouldn’t be consumed to excess. Some of the deaths involve people with alcohol levels over 0.2.”

It’s an issue many river operators are also concerned about.

Jim Kelly, Brisbane Cruises: “We don’t welcome drunken people at all. If we see someone walking down the gangway and they are obviously under the influence of something we don’t get them on the boat at all.”

Men aged 20 to 29 recorded the highest number of drowning deaths of any age group.

Lauren Cooney, QUT News.