The war between the supermarket giants is getting even more aggressive.

Coles today announced it will open 31 new supermarkets which could force some small independent operators out of business.

Danny Saba reports.


Coles’ $480 million investment will create nearly 8,000 jobs, making it Queensland’s third largest employer.

Premier Campbell Newman welcomed the announcement.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “A great vote of confidence in the future of this state and obviously something that will greatly support a growing state and the needs of families.”

The ‘next-generation’ of supermarkets will offer customers the option of a cafe lunch or even a quick snack of sushi to go.

But Coles stressed it will support local producers.

Mark Scates, Qld Coles General Manager: “I think competition’s healthy, it’s great at the end of the day! But I don’t look at anybody in particular in the major supermarkets cause you look out in this shopping centre and everybody’s a competitor at the end of the day.”

The new outlets will be built over the next four years.

But the increasing monopoly of large retailers is putting strain on independent owners of local corner stores and small businesses.

Some are bracing for a tough time.

Colin Thwaites, Cafe proprietor: “Any of the small businesses, I think the large supermarkets are trying to kill off the little locals like the fruit shops and the butchers.”

Adam Austin, Store owner: “I think having these big stores come out and force that innovation on the rest of the market is the best thing in the world.”

And next Thursday the US retail giant Costco opens its first outlet in Queensland at North Lakes.

Danny Saba, QUT News.