An eight-year-old girl attacked by a man at her Melbourne primary school, is so traumatised by the incident she can’t sleep.

The little girl was waiting for her parents, when the predator attacked.

Teagan West reports.


The man dragged the schoolgirl to a secluded section of the Glenferrie Primary School yard.

He verbally and physically abused her, before starting to undress her.

Luckily, she escaped and ran to safety.

The man fled through the front gates of the school.

Parents hope the offender is caught soon.

Parent: “They have to be safe and they should be safe at school. So that’s our main concern and I’m sure they are and this is a one-off and they’ll get him.”

Police released an identikit photo.

The man is fair-skinned and aged in his 20s, with blue eyes and short, cropped blonde hair shaved on one side.

Detective Alexia Bieser, Victoria Police: “We’re asking for assistance from the general public if anyone has seen this person or knows this person can they please contact us.”

Parents have been asked to speak to their children about strangers.

Teagan West, QUT News.