The fight against crime in Logan is being boosted with 12 new CCTV cameras.

A Federal Government grant of almost one million dollars is helping put the focus on crime hot spots.

Edwina Seselja reports.


The Federal Member for Forde, Bert van Manen, was given a tour of the CCTV control centre.

The new cameras are funded from the Federal Safer Streets Programme.

They’ll be located in Beenleigh CBD, Shailer Park, Loganlea and on Chambers Flat Road.

Bert van Manen, Federal Member for Forde: “It is designed to create a safer community for all concerned. To create also a safer environment for businesses to conduct their operations and provide opportunities for employment in the local community.”

Council funds have already gone into making this new monitoring facility an even more effective tool against crime.

Pam Parker, Logan City Mayor: “Council’s one million dollar budget commitment for the new monitoring room will provide the state of the art video hall monitoring.”

Crime rates have dropped 20% in Logan and it’s hoped the presence of the CCTV cameras will instil confidence into business and attract more people to the area.

Christopher Jory, Qld Police: “The benefit of placing the cameras in those city centres is it actually attracts business to those areas. It revitalises those community centres and it attracts people to those places where they feel safe.”

Business owners in the town are welcoming the cameras.

Kristra Andronicos, Owner Detox Beenleigh: “I think CCTV footage in the area would be really beneficial as we’ve experienced a few break-ins on a regular basis. I definitely think it would be benefit Beenleigh.”

The CCTV cameras will be installed over the next 12 months.

Edwina Seselja, QUT News.