An armed bandit, dressed in a motorbike helmet and high-vis vest, has been shot dead at a Gold Coast tavern.

Police are questioning a security guard, who was apparently targeted by the would-be robber.

Natalie Cameron reports.


Schools were locked down and streets closed, as police moved in around the Highland Park Tavern.

They say a security guard, delivering cash to the tavern this morning, was confronted by an armed man.

In a struggle, several shots were fired.

Witness:”I was coming to work and a security guard in the driveway over there and he had his gun pointed towards something, towards the bushes.”

Witness: “I just heard three bangs and a siren.”

The victim died at the scene.

The security guard is licensed to carry a firearm and police say he reacted instinctively.

Schools and a child care centre in the area were placed in lockdown as a precaution in case a second person was involved.

Witness: “We just went into full lockdown with the the kids, kept the kids safe inside.”

Police later ruled out this possibility.

The guard, who suffered minor facial injuries, is assisting police with the investigation.

Police have appealed for any witnesses to call Crime Stoppers.

Natalie Cameron, QUT News.