The State Government is moving to ensure the rare Australian Bilby doesn’t become extinct.

Today it announced a $50,000 grant for the ‘Save the Bilby’ Fund.

Justin Brosnan reports.


For Eagle Junction State school, today was Bilby Day.

And students showed off their Bilby awareness by wearing specially made ears, and this is what they were happy to hear.

Andrew Powell, Qld Environment Minister: “The Queensland government is also going to be making a donation to the Save the Bilby Fund. We’re going to chip in $50,000.”

The school established its own Bilby Day in memory of Luke Curnow, a student who loved Bilbies but passed away from a brain tumour several years ago.

The co-founder of the ‘Save the Bilby’ Fund spoke of the legacy Luke had left behind and what the government donation means.

Frank Manthey, Save the Bilby Fund: “It’s a dream. Everybody has dreams and not many come true. Mine did. I just didn’t believe it would grow to where we are now with it. It’s just been fantastic.”

Luke’s parents hope that children will see that anyone can make a difference.

Steven Curnow, Luke’s father: “And hopefully kids will see that and see that one little kid can make a difference.”

Mr Manthey says it’s not just the Bilbies who need our help. He hopes this government donation to the Save the Bilby Fund represents a step towards greater support for Australia’s endangered species.

The $50,000 will go towards research and the maintenance of Bilby sanctuaries across Australia.

Justin Brosnan, QUT News.