The $20 million Royal Commission into the botched home insulation scheme wrapped up today.

One of today’s witnesses, an electrical expert, says the decision to include foil insulation in the program, was a recipe for disaster.

Jim Malo reports.


There was little fanfare as the final day of questioning began.

The first of four expected to give evidence proved to have a short memory.

Martin Bowles, Climate Change Dept: “I wasn’t aware of what had happened in the environment department and I suppose I can’t recall any real indepth conversations.”

As former deputy secretary of the department, Mr Bowles made it clear he had very little involvement in the Home Insulation Program.

Martin Bowles, Climate Change Dept: “My job wasn’t really to go back and deal with the design of the program, it was about how do I design a remedial program.”

Another of the witnesses gave evidence from an industry perspective.

Malcolm Richards, Master Electricians CEO: “I’m personally disappointed we didn’t react faster and we didn’t raise the issue sooner because if we had we may have made some difference although due to the ensuing events it made it highly unlikely we could be heard or listened to.”

Mr Richards says there were a few organisations who didn’t want the program to cease immediately, including the foil and building associations.

Commissioner Ian Hanger is expected to deliver his findings next month.

Jim Malo, QUT News.