The windy conditions made it tough for competitors in the annual Macleay Island Canoe race.

It’s held to raise money for the local boat club, but members might have to paddle some more, because they’re short on funds.

Hannah Daley reports.


Fifty-five paddlers tackled the island circumnavigation, 22 more than last year.

Not just locals, they came from Byron Bay to Hervey Bay.

Robert Edgar – Tim Stenlake, Canoeists: “It depends on how much practice you’ve done. We’ve done none. We found it a bit choppy by we soldiered on. Kept it together and finished strong I thought.”

Brad Hagan, held the lead for most of the 15km race and came home the winner in a time of of one hour, five minutes and 50 seconds.

Brad Hagan: “This is the first time I’ve been out where there’s been some runners out the back so it wasn’t sorta too bad but I always wish for bigger.”

Amanda Rankin was the first woman to finish about ten minutes behind Brad.

Amanda Rankin: “It’s very easy to give up so you’ve just got to push through it and go hard.”

The two winners pocketed $400 each.

But this year the Tingira Boat Club is a bit like being up a creek without a paddle with key sponsors Redlands Shire Council and Bay Island Transit cutting back on their usual donations and there’s talk of staging another fund raiser.

Hannah Daley, QUT News.