Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is on the front foot fighting battles inside and outside his state.

The Member for Ashgrove is also back in the election race announcing he’ll run again for the seat.

Mitchell Van Homrigh reports.


Mr Newman visited his electorate to confirm he believes he’s the best candidate for the LNP in Ashgrove.

Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier: “So over the last two years I’m proud to have delivered and I look forward to serving the community in a future period if they wish to elect me.”

But the premier fielded questions on the more immediate issues he’s facing.

High on that agenda Dr Chris Davis, who was sacked after breaking cabinet confidentiality.

There was speculation today that the sacked assistant Minister Dr Chris Davis would tender his resignation at a media conference today. Dr Davis’s office has said that all media will be postponed until next week.

But this morning the Premier pledged his support for Dr Davis

Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland: “But I’ve made it very clear that he has my full support if he wishes to put his hand up again. He’s a fine man, a decent man, a man of integrity, and great ability we certainly valued him as a member of our team.”

Attorney General, Jarrod Bleijie hopes Dr Davis continues his great work with the LNP.

Jarrod Bleijie, Queensland Attorney General: “Well I hope his future’s with the LNP being a great member for Stafford continuing his work as the local member and as part of the Government.”

Mr Newman’s focus is now on Sunday’s crisis meeting of state and territory ministers over Federal budget cuts.

Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland: “And I make the point, if the states and territories don’t hang together on Sunday. They will be hung separately by this federal government.”

It’s bound to be a hot topic when State Parliament sits next week.

Mitchell Van Homrigh, QUT News