It’s the country in the city as the 104th annual Brookfield Show kicked off in Brisbane today.

And organisers say it promises to be the best one yet.

Sushma Waller reports.


The Brookfield Show is not just about coming together as a community.

Vox pop: “I grew up coming to the Brookfield Show so it’s so lovely to be able to come with my kids and enjoy it with them.”

It’s also about opening your doors, and your produce, to the wider Brisbane public.

Cameron Early, President of the Brookfield Show: “We provide a platform for local community groups to display their activities to raise revenue and naturally all the show competitions such as horticulture, cookery for all the community to enter.”

The three-day event is held on the heritage-listed Brookfield Showgrounds.

Today was “Show Friday” otherwise known as “district day”, where the horse events are exclusive to local riders and owners.

Vox pop: “It’s really good because it’s locals day so it’s really small and it makes it so much nicer I think.”

Many of the volunteers here also have been doing the show for generations.

The Brookfield Show is Brisbane’s largest agricultural event outside of the Ekka.

It’s hard to believe that a show such as this operates on the edge of suburban Brisbane but the ongoing community support is essential to its success.

Equestrian competitors at District day come from a broad age group.

Brooke De Jong, Parent of Competitor: “It’s a really good lead up show to the Ekka. Lots of good horses out on the run and lead up to the exhibition in August.”

And it’s a shared community vision, that will continue for many decades to come.

Sushma Waller, QUT News