In AFL news, Collingwood is set to go against the Adelaide Crows tonight.

And the Bombers will go head-to-head with an intimidating Sydney side.

Vanessa Wolfe reports.


The Bombers side is feeling the pressure as it gears up to take on a strong Swans side tomorrow night at Etihad Stadium.

It’s 9th on the ladder against team number four.

Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin appears to be the biggest threat to Essendon.

Mark Thompson, Bombers Coach: “My impression is they’re tall, very tall, dangerous.”

Franklin has proven to be a destructive force, kicking an average of five goals per game in the last ten matches against the Bombers.

Essendon’s coach says the ASADA controversy plagueing the Bombers will not distract his players.

Mark Thompson, Bombers Coach: “I don’t think much has changed for them, we’re certainly not making a focus of it.”

And tonight sees Collingwood take on the Crows at Adelaide Oval, where the home side hopes not to disappoint fans against a strong Collingwood side.

Vanessa Wolfe, QUT News.