Three South Australian surfers have told of their lucky escape from a great white shark.

While they were left unscathed, one of their surfboards was left worse for wear.

Rachel Riga reports.


The three surfers have described their close encounter with a shark while they paddled 2km off Elliston in South Australia.

Andrew McLeod says the shark slammed into his board, launching him into the air.

Andrew McLeod, Surfer: “Out of nowhere a massive impact like a car crash came from underneath me.”

Tyrone Swan, Surfer: “It’s probably the most full-on situation I’ve seen with a shark.”

With the shark still circling, the trio huddled together and anxiously waited for the next big wave to shore.

However there was one casualty in the encounter, Mr McLeod’s surfboard bore the brunt of the attack.

Andrew McLeod, Surfer: “I swam back over my board and the pointer was still hanging around and I could see its tail fin, it was about four or five feet high.”

All three agree it’s a surfing trip they won’t quickly forget.

Rachel Riga, QUT News.