Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has accepted responsibility for the tragedy caused by his government’s home insulation scheme.

Four men lost their lives working under the botched scheme.

During his first full day in the Royal Commission witness box, Mr Rudd said his personal knowledge of the installation process was highly limited.

Whitney Angell reports.


Today families and their lawyers wanted answers from Mr Rudd.

Bill Potts, Lawyer: “What changes ought to be made and more importantly does he accept that the Federal Government should never again involve itself in this type of delivery of a program, that killed young men.”

And this morning the Commonwealth granted Mr Rudd the opportunity to answer these hard questions.

Prior to Mr Rudd taking the witness box, Martin Sweeney, father of one of the four installers killed, gave an emotional address to the Commission.

Martin Sweeney, Father: “No family should ever have to go through what we’ve been through.”

Mr Rudd began by telling the commission that no safety concerns were brought to his attention throughout the roll-out of the installation scheme.

Kevin Rudd, Former Prime Minister: “Had any public servant, any minister, advised the Cabinet that there was a safety risk to either workers or to the households, then I’m confident in saying the reaction of ministers would have been to say wow.”

Rudd said training requirements appeared to be straight-forward.

Kevin Rudd, Former Prime Minister: “No particular skills were required, secondly a single days training would be necessary and thirdly the training materials and courses already existed.”

But Rudd said ultimately he feels responsible.

Kevin Rudd, Former Prime Minister: “As Prime Minister, you accept responsibility for the good, the bad.”

Whitney Angell, QUT News.