La Boite Theatre has announced a new Artistic Director and CEO.

Chris Kohn says he’s excited and has plenty of vision and passion for the Roundhouse Theatre.

Ana Garcia reports.


The La Boite Theatre Company has been been in residence at the Roundhouse Theatre for years and now with Chris Kohn at the helm we’ll soon see his vision come to life.

Chris Kohn, Artistic Director/CEO La Boite: “One thing I’m really keen to explore is using the full theatre in the round a bit more frequently, just because I think it’s such a powerful way to use this space.”

He describes seeing a recent performance by Michael Bartlett, as a ‘light bulb moment’ and says the space should be available to everyone.

Chris Kohn, Artistic Director/CEO La Boite: “I see the theatre as a democratic space, I want everybody to access it and to want to come.”

Chris, a multi-award winning Director, says he also wants to see more cultural diversity and audience engagement at La Boite.

It’s been ten years since La Boite moved into the Roundhouse Theatre and now with Chris’s vision of space will bring powerful performances to wider audiences.

He’s been instrumental in introducing performers such as Niz Jabour in his one man show “Mullah Nasrudin” in La Boite Indie season.

Chris Kohn, Artistic Director/CEO La Boite: “Niz Jabour is a really fascinating artist who’s originally from Iraq.”

Chris wants La Boite to foster and nurture other performers like Niz Jabour as part of their regular line up.

Ana Garcia, QUT News.