Some of the world’s top nutritionists are in Brisbane and high on their agenda is making sure dietary information about the food we eat comes from a credible source.

They’re attending a conference hosted by the Dietitians Association of Australia.

Sushma Waller reports.


More than 750 delegates are offering a smorgasbord of insights into the relationship between diet, health and culture.

One of today’s key-note speakers is concerned about maintaining a clear distinction between credible online material, as opposed to misinformed or misleading information.

Liz Kellett, President, Dietitians Association of Australia: “They can go to the DAA website and if they see accredited practising dietitians, they will then be able to lead them to the authentic and well credentialed information that is out there, because there is a lot more information for people to use now, than say ten years ago.”

The theme of the three-day conference is ‘The Future is Now’.

Dr Clare Collins, Dietitians Association of Australia: “One of the challenges going forward with all the information technology is knowing what programs are actually best and worth using, that is where the DAA is taking an opportunity to break that down for people.”

The message is to compare information on food labelling with credible online nutritional advice.

Industry professionals encourage Australians to get to know the products that they use, it is always important to seek out accurate information regarding food and nutrition.

A series of workshops over the weekend will provide plenty of food for thought about what we eat and why.

Sushma Waller, QUT News.