State and territory leaders will hold an urgent crisis meeting on Sunday in the wake of this week’s Federal Budget.

They’re furious that Canberra slashed $80-billion from state health and education funding.

And welfare groups say the number of families in crisis is increasing, and the latest budget cuts will only make that situation worse.

Cobey Bartels reports.


This is the reality of people doing it tough.

Hundreds came here to the Tribe of Judah Care Service this morning at Slacks Creek.

They’re seeking urgent and free welfare assistance.

Since the budget was handed down this organisation has been struggling to cope with demand.

Terry Walker, CEO of Tribe of Judah Care Service: “Oh, it’s hugely impacting us because people get in, I think what happens every time a budget comes out, especially this one, people get in fear. So we have had our phones run off the hook the last couple of days.”

Some of the people that rely on the free food service say they just wouldn’t survive without it.

Vox 1: “There’s people living on, you know, under $100,000 per year, like, we’re on under $40,000. So yeah, it’s really tough, and we find it tough everyday.”

Vox 2: “We wouldn’t be able to buy food, seriously, we’re barely struggling (through) now. So, I don’t see how cutting everything is going to make things better.”

Queensland’s Minister for Health, Lawrence Springborg, is worried the cuts will hit Queensland’s health system hard.

Lawrence Springborg, Queensland Health Minister: “The more that we can improve in these areas, the more lives we save, and the biggest difference we actually make to peoples’ qualities of life.”

An angry Premier Campbell Newman is ready to take on the Prime Minister.

Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier: “I want to stress, we want to sort this out, and I said that to the Prime Minister.”

Sunday’s crisis meeting will be critical with the states looking to argue against cuts, claiming Canberra is forcing them into raising the GST to cover the short-fall.”

Cobey Bartels QUT News.