So what do Queenslanders think about the budget?

We went to into the city at lunchtime today to find out.


Vox 1: “The increase in tax rates, I feel was a broken promise. I don’t like to see that happen without proper consultation. I understand the reasons for it but politicians should stick to what they promise.”

Vox 2: “For me, being a parent it was something I was a bit concerned about, being a single-mother, but I think we pulled out ok.”

Vox 3: “From what I’ve read it looks very negative. A lot of people who can’t really afford these things, the elderly, the sick, the poor.”

Vox 4: “I feel like tough times call for tough measures.”

Vox 5: “I think it’s pretty fair this year just because they’ve targeted the high-income earners along with the lower-income earners.”

Vox 6: “We’ve got grown up kids, and not on benefits but it’s still a bit concerning for a lot of friends and people like that because it’s money people don’t have anymore.”