Peter Garrett was again in the hot seat, at the Royal Commission into the bungled Home Insulation Program.

An uncomfortable Garrett admitted he was unaware of some key safety recomendations involved with the roll out.

Mitchell Van Homrigh reports.


Former Enviromental Minister, Peter Garrett, wasn’t saying much outside the commission.

Journalist: “A word, please Mr Garrett.”

Inside though he admitted that he was, “ultimately responsible,” for the four deaths after the program was launched.

Mr Garrett was not fully confident about the information he had received from his department about safety aspects surrounding the project.

Peter Garrett, Former Environment Minister: “I wasn’t receiving advice at the final stages of the scheme which could provide me with adequate confidence that this scheme could continue.”

During this morning’s session he insisted that other members of Government should share the blame.

In the advice booklet provided to installation crews, it was recommended that the power be turned off prior to any work being carried out.

Mr Garret squirmed admitting he didn’t know about that recommendation, and came to this conclusion.

Peter Garrett, Former Environment Minister: “I didn’t consider it that interim period, as a specific issue in front of me.”

He again reiterated the safety of these workers, was a high priority.

Peter Garrett, Former Environment Minister: “Always a priority for me.”

The Former Minister was visibly upset when he spoke about the first death in the program.

Peter Garrett, Former Environment Minister: “If you get a death in a program it focuses everybody’s mind on it. I mean, I was gutted when it happened.”

The inquiry will continue for the rest of the week.

Mitchell Van Homrigh, QUT News.