Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley has expressed concern over hundreds of people buying fake service medals.

Her comments came as 22 Australians were awarded Order of Australia honours, public service medals and distinguished service awards.

Rachel Riga reports.


The Governor made her comments at an awards ceremony at Government House this morning.

Penelope Wensley says there are hundreds of military imposters who are simply faking a military career.

She says people buy the awards for only a few dollars.

Penelope Wensley, Qld Governor: “In a world where it is possible to go online and purchase a medal or certificate which supposedly represents a lifetime of volunteerial service.”

However, the dishonesty of a few didn’t dampen today’s celebrations.

Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley said she was shocked to learn hundreds of people have brought fake awards online. She said this kind of behaviour doesn’t diminish the honour bestowed on today’s recipients.

Today’s ceremony honoured men and women for their services in the military, sport, health and the community.

Among those attending was Victoria Cross recipient Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith. He was awarded the Commendation for Distinguished Service.

Several paralympians received the Order of Australia for rugby at the London 2012 Games.

Cameron Carr, Gold medal paralympian: “It’s quite surreal. I just sit there going look at all the wonderful things these people have done over a lifetime. We did it out of something we love doing.”

Recipient of the Commendation for Distinguished Service, Lieutenant Colonel Brendan Cox says today marked the last time he’d wear his uniform.

Lt. Col Brendan Cox, Award recipient: “From tomorrow I am now Mr Cox, I’m Dad and I’m going to be home a lot more to annoy the children which I’m really looking forward to.”

The Governor encouraged all legitimate award recipients to wear their medals with pride.

Rachel Riga, QUT News.