Have you ever seen a man juggle a child with his feet?

Well, in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s new show, you can see just that and plenty more!

Alexandria Utting reports.


Mother Africa, Circus of the Senses is an explosion of colour, music and dance.

It’s the only African circus to have travelled to every continent in the world, and seen by over two-million people.

But, the show with a host of big performances started from a small beginning, many of the cast members are ex-street performers.

The show’s creator says after touring Mother Africa for over eight years, the cast is just like a family.

Winston Ruddle, Creator: “One hand washes the other, without them I am nothing and without me they are nothing.”

Set against a backdrop of lions and elephants, Mother Africa is more than your average song and dance.

Normathamsanqu Mkwananzi, Performer: “You can come to Africa for free, you don’t need a visa, you don’t need to check in or anything, you can just come with your family and see everything there is to know about Africa.”

Some of the on-stage action must be seen to be believed, including a contortionist whose flexibility is enough to make your toes curl and a juggling act that sees a young performer thrown into the air.

Mother Africa is a show set to enliven your senses. From traditional music to acrobatics, the show is set to have audiences on the edge of their seats.

QPAC’s new show opens tonight and will run until Saturday.

Alexandria Utting, QUT News.