It’s National Volunteers Week and Housing Minister Tim Mander is calling on Queenslanders to move from a “me” to “we” mentality.

St Vincent De Paul urgently needs more volunteers and the Minister says we should help.

Whitney Angell reports.


Visiting St Vinnie Headquarters, Mr Mander met with current volunteers, to thank them for their efforts.

Tim Mander, Minister for Housing: “It’s just good to stop and acknowlege all those people that make some sort of contribution without any payment.”

The Government’s proposed 30 year plan for the State, emphasises the need for volunteerism.

Tim Mander, Minister for Housing: “The government can’t do everything. We don’t have the resources to do that and in fact volunteers contribute around $8 billion a year to the economy.”

Many of Vinnie’s workers have more than 20 years experience but there’s a need for younger, more physically able volunteers too.

Tim Mander, Minister for Housing: “They’re the type of things I think we’ve got to continue to encourage, maybe short term projects rather than ongoing continual volunteer input.”

While there are plans to offer more short-term and project-based volunteering the core values remain the same.

Bertha Clark, Centre Coordinator: “That is what it’s all about. Doing what you think should be done for the person who hasn’t got what you’ve got.”

National Volunteers Week celebrates the people who dedicate themselves to serving their community.

Minister Mander says volunteers are crucial when transitioning the homeless from the streets into housing.

If you’d like to help, contact volunteering Queensland.

Whitney Angell, QUT News.