Today is International Nurses’ Day and to celebrate a state-wide campaign was launched in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall.

It aims to highlight the stress Queensland midwives and nurses face in the workplace and at home.

Rachel Riga reports.


A flash mob in the Queen Street Mall took onlookers by surprise this afternoon.

The “I Love Nurses and Midwives” campaign aims to highlight the stress nurses and midwives are under amid job cuts to the health system.

Nurses were out in force encouraging people to show they are valued.

Beth Mohle, Qld Nurses’ Union Secretary:”We want the community to send a message back to nurses and midwives that they really support nurses and midwives and that they will be there when we need them as well.”

The Nurses’ Union is asking people to send through photos via Facebook, Twitter and their website of themselves making the heart symbol.

They say with the largest health job cuts in Queensland history, patient safety is a concern.

Priscilla Barclay, Paediatric nurse: “In the adult world of nursing people, quite often we are now finding nurses having to take on five, six, seven patients at a time which really holistically changes the way we can care for those patients.”

Since September 2012 over 1400 nurses and midwives have lost their jobs. With more cuts on the way this campaign aims to raise public awareness of the challenges nurses and midwives face.

To show support, photos can be upload to social media sites using the hashtag ‘#iheartnm’.

Rachel Riga, QUT News.