An exploding television set forced the evacuation of a unit block in Melbourne early this morning.

Fire authorities say it’s a timely warning for all householders to check their electrical appliances.

Sushma Waller reports.


Dozens of dazed residents were forced out of the St Kilda apartment block around 3:40am.

Six had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

A teenage boy and a woman in her 20s were taken to hospital

A TV that exploded and burst into flames, caused the fire.

A family in the apartment above where the fire started, were trapped before fire crews were able to rescue them.

Ellen Young, Neighbour: “They were sort of stuck and they were at the window and the fire brigade obviously got them out. I don’t know how, I presume down the stairs. But that was a bit of a scary moment.”

Fortunately the building was fitted with smoke alarms.

But the occupants of the ruined apartment were not insured, and face damages estimated at around $50,000.

And emergency crews were called to Ashwood around midnight.

A car had been stolen, set alight and then abandoned.

Police are continuing to investigate the suspicious blaze.

Sushma Waller, QUT News.