In AFL news Jack Viney has defied the odd and had his two match ban for a high bump, overturned.

The Melbourne Demons player was back on the field today.

Cameron Kirby has this report.


Last night, the Demons won their appeal against Viney’s suspension.

Fans and commentators alike expressed outrage at the initial verdict.

But the young midfielder was just glad the issue was resolved.

Jack Viney, Demons Midfielder: “There was nothing to lose. I thought I was in the right, so I thought why not appeal it? And it ended up coming off so I’m wrapped.”

The Demons are hoping to ride the success from last weekend’s win and clinch their first back to back victory since 2011.

Jack Grimes, Demons Co-Captain: “We haven’t responded well after wins in the past. We haven’t won two games in a row for a long time, so it is such an important game for us.”

The Sydney Swans are hoping a strong trio of forwards will help them to victory in a blockbuster against Hawthorn tonight.

Star recruits Lance Buddy Franklin and Kurt Tippett join Swans veteran Adam Goodes to complete a million dollar forward line.

Cameron Kirby, QUT News.