As Budget Day 2014 draws closer, there is now speculation more than 200 Government programs face cuts.

And, thousands of public service jobs could go.

Premier Campbell Newman says he’ll stand up for Queensland, if the Abbott Government’s first budget proves to be a raw deal for the state.

Gabrielle Lyons reports.


The federal government is making cuts wherever it can.

Christopher Pyne, Education Minister: “The truth is though; there is no easy way out of the debt and deficit disaster left to us by the Labor Party.”

With speculation of a mass slashing of jobs in the public sector, 3,000 in the Treasury alone.

Anthony Albanese, Shadow Infrastructure Minister: “They don’t like public servants so they’re going to get rid of them.”

That decision will apparently save the government billions.

Another area under investigation, Customs and Border Protection.

It has been suggested that the two Departments will be merged to create a “super” border protection agency.

The axe is still hovering over other major portfolios including environment, transport, agriculture and indigenous affairs.

And the increase to fuel excise, expected to raise almost 2.5 billion over the next four years will cost motorists up to four cents more a litre at the bowser.

Gabrielle Lyons, QUT news.