Sea World’s cutest baby has just turned one.

And Henry the Polar bear cub was in the mood to party.

Isabella Cameron reports.


Henry was showered with gifts, toys, food treats and a special ice birthday cake.

Trevor Long, Sea World: “Henry’s got a lot of followers and they’re here to see the growth and development of Henry.”

He is only the second Polar cub to be born in Australia.

Vox 1: “We come here every fortnight to see the polar bears.”

The birthday celebrations continue for Henry all week.

Vox 2: “Enjoy your day swimming and playing. It looks like a lot of fun. My daughter’s very jealous.”

There is an international decline in Polar Bear numbers and Henry’s birth received international recognition.

He is an ambassador for his species, building awareness to increase protection for the species, globally.

Current research indicates that Polar bear numbers in the wild are declining with an estimated 25,000 remaining worldwide.

Isabella Cameron, QUT News.