Mother’s Day is proving to be a sweet success for Brisbane businesses.

Flowers and chocolates are again the perennial favourites for Queensland Mums.

Elizabeth Lambert reports.


Flowers are often the first idea for a Mother’s Day gift, and that has Brisbane florists working overtime.

Kim Dodwell, Northside Flower Market: “Lots of people want to celebrate their mother and give them flowers. There’s usually a couple of mums and grandmas and aunties and sisters who’ve got a lot of impact in helping people’s lives and they want to say thank you.”

And the florists are saying thank you as well, with business increasing four-fold in recent days.

Coming a close second as mum’s favourite, are chocolates.

For local chocolatiers Mother’s Day is among the busiest days of the year.

Bien Peralta, Della Mano: “Hot off Christmas is Valentines, then Easter, then Mother’s Day. This year it’s like this never-ending chocolate procession. It’s just that type of food that is special and you can steal a moment. If mum’s real busy there’s always that one special moment for chocolate.

It’s not just plain old chocolate either.

There are personalised brownies, truffle chocolates and any number of brightly coloured sweet things.

One mothers’ group, the Sunnybank Grubs, is taking it a step further by encouraging their youngsters to create their own unique gifts.

Chris Burns, Sunnybank Grubs: “The one thing we all have in common is the craziness of our kids, so I think Sunday will be a good opportunity for us all to have a sleep in and be looked after.”

Vox 1: “It’s just the big hug”, I’m looking forward to this big hug and then to say thanks mum.”

Mums aren’t asking for much this year, with a sleep in and a cooked breakfast topping their wishlists.

But sweeten them up with chocolate and flowers and you’ll really make their day.

Elizabeth Lambert, QUT News.