A man accused of sexually assaulting a Gold Coast teen on a crowded bus has been refused bail.

The man was arrested, after CCTV footage was released of the alleged assault.

Mackenzie Lyon reports.


The alleged attack lasted 13 minutes and took place on a busy bus route in broad daylight.

In Southport Magistrate Court today, a 42-year-old man faced charges of sexual assault, making threats and public nuisance.

A police prosecutor told the court the man had a history of bail breaches and was already on probation and a suspended sentence for supplying drugs to a minor.

The Magistrate said he was an unacceptable risk to the safety of the community and remanded him in custody.

He will reappear in the same court, on June 30.

Chilling video footage of the alleged incident was released by police on Thursday.

The footage shows a man, wearing a flannelette shirt, sit next to a petite teen, pinning her against the glass while he allegedly threatened and groped her.

Mackenzie Lyon, QUT News.