Police in Sydney’s south-west have arrested three people believed to be connected to an Assyrian crime ring.

Elsewhere, Melbourne police are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed a car repair shop.

Brooke Holdsworth reports.


Exclusive pictures shot by Channel 7, show task force detectives taking at least three people into custody.

The suspects are believed to be members of “The Last Hour” crime gang.

Previous raids saw 15 members charged with alleged involvement in murders, drugs and shootings.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, a molotov cocktail has gutted a car repair shop.

Residents in the area reported hearing a loud bang, and then saw a powerful motorbike in the area.

Vox 1:”Yeah I heard like two gunshots, that’s what sort of made me look out you know, like two big bangs and I heard the motorbike.”

Essendon coach, Mark “bomber” Thompson was among the residents who evacuated their homes.

Mark “Bomber” Thompson, Essendon coach: “Tried to ring the Fire Brigade and I couldn’t ring them I was panicking so much. And I eventually got hold of them and they said yep there’ll be one out here pretty soon.”

The fire took authorities 30 minutes to control but it was too late to save anything inside the building.

Police are treating the fire as suspicious after a rear door was found pried open.

Brooke Holdsworth, QUT News.