The Queensland Government can now handpick the State’s anti-corruption boss.

New laws passed State Parliament last night giving the Government the power to appoint the head of the re-named Crime and Corruption Commission or CCC without bipartisan support.

Bonnie Stevens reports.


After a six hour debate the changes were made.

A Government majority Parliamentary Committee now has the power to veto any appointment.

LNP member Dr Chris Davis had threatened to cross the floor after a poll in his electorate showed 73% of voters did not support the change.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “On this whole issue we were always listening, always prepared to change and adapt and we’ve done that.”

The Opposition believes the LNP has ignored voters.

Curtis Pitt, Shadow Treasurer: “If it’s 73% in Stafford I can only imagine what it would be like in Ashgrove.”

A former Parliamentary Speaker says he worries it’s giving the government too much power.

John Mickel, Former State Speaker: “The changes introduced into the parliament change that, because they change it in a way that makes it a government appointment, it’s a down grade.”

The Government’s also about to come to blows with the Electrical Trade Union.

The ETU registered the domain, in a bid to combat the Government “Strong Choices” website.

They say it’s a waste of taxpayer money.

Stuart Traill, ETU Organsier: “We don’t believe the $6 million spin campaign is giving the people of Queensland a real say on their future and their publicly owned assets.”

Despite changes to major watchdog legislation, most of today’s question time was dedicated to yet another inquest into Rockhampton’s, Dr Vega Vega.

But the Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg, reminded the opposition it was a result of systemic problems arising from the previous Labor government.

Bonnie Stevens, QUT News.