Motorsport enthusiasts say noise limit restrictions on Queensland race tracks is stifling their sport.

They say without a place to burn rubber, they’ll be forced on to the streets.

Cameron Kirby reports.


Drifting is all about sliding race cars, burning rubber and roaring engines, however venues allowing the growing motorsport are dwindling.

Queensland Raceway at Willowbank is the only remaining race track in Brisbane without a noise restriction.

Keith Lewis is the General Manager of Queensland Raceways and says the restrictions have hurt Drifting the most.

Keith Lewis, Queensland Raceways General Manager: “At Lakeside our other venue on the northside of Brisbane we have a strict ninety-five decibel limit. This excludes drifting due to the fact that they make so much noise.”

Police say although only a few select residents make noise complaints the restrictions should still apply.

Stephen Duncan, Acting Senior Sergeant Brisbane City Road Policing Unit: “Whether its only one member of the community they are still extremely valuable, and unfortunately we have to take into account their concerns.”

Stifling noise restrictions have left drifters with few options.

They can either make the long trek to tracks such as this one or defy Australia’s toughest anti hooning laws and drift on the street.

Drifters say the police have been harassing those doing the right thing at the track and it’s turning people to hooning.

Sam Meredith, Drifter: “If we are doing the right thing coming out here but we don’t get shown the respect that ‘oh they are coming out here doing the right thing we will leave them alone’. It does make you think stuff it we will just go out on the street.”

Cameron Kirby, QUT News.