Health Minister Lawrence Springborg today expressed confidence in Queensland’s public hospitals.

He’s distanced the current inquiry into a foreign trained doctor at Rockhampton Hospital, from the Jayant Patel case nine years ago.

Brooke Holdsworth reports.


The Health Minister was at the Royal Children’s Hospital today, spruiking up new children’s health programs.

But the talking point, was the case of Dr Antonio Vega Vega.

Lawrence Springborg, Qld Health Minister: “We have tens of thousands of doctors in Australia that are overseas trained either in their primary or their advanced specialists qualifications.”

He says the Rockhampton Hospital is moving quickly to resolve any problems unlike what happened at Bundaberg.

Lawrence Springborg, Qld Health Minister: “The hospital board acted in a very very honest way, straight upfront and it was so refreshingly honest when you compare what happened in Bundaberg in 2004-five.”

The Minister says patients treated by Dr Vega Vega at Nambour Hospital between 2010 and 2012, have nothing to be concerned about.

This afternoon, parliament sat again, and again faced questions with regards to the actions of Queensland health surrounding the botched surgeries of Dr Antonio Vega Vega.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Opposition Leader: “I ask what was the Minister told and what immediate action did he take to protect patients at Rockhampton?”

Lawrence Springborg, Qld Health Minister: “A lot more than she actually did when she was in Government with Dr Jayant Patel.”

For now, Rockhampton Hospital and the surrounding areas remains without a specialist urologist.

However Mr Springborg says the search for a replacement is underway.

Brooke Holdsworth, QUT News.